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External link opens in new tab or windowWoman teaching physically impaired boy Since 1983, our excellent staff at Superior Home Health Care has built a reputation in the Herkimer, Montgomery and Oneida Counties area for being reliable and trustworthy. You can always count on us to provide you with the proper care and assistance to improve the quality of everyday living. Read on to see what our customers have to say about our services.

See What the Community is Saying About Us

“Dear friends at Superior HHC,

Thank you for your fine service to Iris of Claxton Manor. Her family appreciates the care she received despite the mixed reception you may have received from mom. Thanks go especially to Nicole who was the most frequent “companion.” Your agency provides a great service to the community and its families.


The following are anonymous comments left on our satisfaction surveys:

“The aide takes the edge off my duties.”

“I need these services. I have Macular Degeneration. I am happy with my aide. I have COPD. I can’t drive and my aide does my laundry.”

“My life would be much harder without you!”

“If I didn’t receive the help, I would probably have to go back to the nursing home. My arms are too bad to make or rather change linen on beds, vacuum, turn on the clothes dryer. My aide and I have established a good system. She knows what I want done every week and is flexible when things change.”

“If I didn’t have the help of this service, I wouldn’t be able to do my laundry which is in my cellar.”

“My mother really looks forward to the days that Linda comes to her house. We are very grateful for her. It’s nice to have someone you can trust with your mother who is legally blind.”

“Day-to-day life would be very difficult without the help from Superior. I would have to do my own grocery shopping, plus find someone to take me (impossible). I have NO family or relatives living in this state. I can’t carry laundry or do much of anything else. I am not steady on my feet, and I get so out of breath, from just talking, standing or using my hands or arms in any way. I also can’t get a shower or wash my hair. Not to mention vacuuming, dusting or mopping. I am so very thankful I have your help.”

“I was lost before. I’m thankful for the aide I received and hope they keep it up.”

“My mother is trying to keep herself as independent as possible at this point in her life. Without the Alternatives Program she would have to look for another way of living her day to day life. Thank you.”

“I am happy with everyone who has helped me.”

“I am not sure how I managed before my aide. She is a helpful, thorough, pleasant person. The apartment is clean, laundry is done and errands are run as needed. Thank you so much for a very nice aide!”

“My life would be miserable without my aide. I would have no help. She always finds ways to make things easier on me.”

“Without my aide, it would be hard to take a bath, the house would not be as clean and I wouldn’t have such great company!”

“I would not be able to stay in my home if it weren’t for you. I truly am grateful for the services you provide. Stephanie prepares the meals we want and helps keep me clean and the house too.”

“I would probably be in an Assisted Living or Nursing Home without my aide. So grateful for the wonderful aide I have who makes it possible to remain in my home.”

“The aides who assist mom take a tremendous weight off my shoulders. I can leave her in their care while I do errands or just have some personal time and know that she’ll be safe. Ms. Mogensen has been extremely helpful when I have called and I am very grateful to her.”

“My aide Tricia is a close personal friend who has seen our family through tough times. She always makes the house look marvelous.”

“We are so grateful for Linda and ALL she does for our mom. Can’t thank her enough. We are very blessed to have her!”

“Without this service, I would not have things done for me. My family is busy and it is hard for them to do it as for my errands.”

“Without the Alternatives Program, my mother would find it more difficult to stay in her apartment. Thank you for your efforts. Linda is doing a wonderful job and the staff at Superior has been very helpful.”

“Without this service, I would probably be a very depressed lady because I am unable to do the things my aide does for me. I can no longer mop and vacuum any longer and I like my house neat and clean. If I am having a bad day, my aide just takes over. My aide is exceptional! My case manager is also exceptional. Both listen to my concerns and act on them. I am very grateful for this service. The friend who has been able to help me with groceries and appointments has injured her back and will no longer be able to help me so I will have to depend on my aide even more.”

“Without assistance, everyday living would be very difficult. I don’t know how I would do it. Thanks so much for all your help.”

“I wouldn’t be able to be at home without my aide, so I’m very grateful for the help.”

“I am 88 years old and I barely get around with a cane. I need my aide and I appreciate the service very much. I couldn’t stay in my apartment without the help my aide gives me. Thank you so much.”

“I wouldn’t have a life at home without you! I couldn’t handle bed changing, or the vacuum cleaner. I get very tired going out to a doctor’s appointment. My shoulders are weak. Parkinson’s disease is tough, but you make everything else easier.”

“Without my aide, I would probably be in a nursing home, very unhappy and depressed.”

“I would be miserable without their help and care. I look to see them every week because it makes the day a little happier for me to have them in my house.”

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